Published on 23 July 2022 at 18:44

My daughter, Rachael, and I love to travel. We love that moment when we pass through customs, step onto the plane, and know our adventure has truly begun.  The sense of anticipation as we look forward to weeks of road tripping through amazing places, exploring new cultures, and meeting interesting people. We love it all!

Okay, so maybe not the long, uncomfortable hours spent squashed into economy seats with zero leg room. Standing at the luggage carousel and watching everyone’s bag come out except for yours (what is it with Spain and loosing luggage). Or the 3 days of jet lag that send your body clock spinning out of whack. But aside from these minor inconveniences, we truly do love it all. 

When it comes to traveling with friends or family, picking your travel partner can make or break a trip. There are many reasons why Rachael and I make such great traveling companions: We have similar ideas of what is fun or relaxing so right from the get-go - planning our vacation - we are already on the same page. We also have similar communication styles, are open to new cultural experiences, and are both problem solvers rather than complainers. Because let’s face it, when you travel, things are going to go sideways. Luggage will get lost, flights will be delayed, itineraries will have to be adjusted. Traveling with someone who is willing to go with the flow takes a huge amount of stress out of an already stressful situation.

We also have different weaknesses and strengths and are happy to allow one another to step into the leading role as the situation demands. Rachael is a master at map reading and navigating public transportation (not one of my strengths), and I happily trail in her wake as she forges her way through airports and train stations. I am the planner. I book hotels, plan routes, and maximize every day that we have at our disposal. Together we make an amazing traveling team.

This past summer Rachael and I traveled to Barcelona and embarked on an epic road trip from the mountains of Catalonia to the coast of Andalusia. I invite you to join us as we relive our journey, sharing the highs and lows of fifteen amazing days in Spain. And, who knows, perhaps we will inspire you to dream up your own Spanish adventure.


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